Ganges Water


Gomukh Ganga Water is the vibrational essence of the headwaters of the sacred Ganges river in India. Drawn from the glacial meltwater flowing from the Gangotri glacier, this highly structured and regenerative liquid has more than 25 times the oxygen carrying capacity of any other water. It powerfully dissolves and washes away negative memories from the past, non-supporting beliefs and all the karmas that have been stimulated and brought to the surface by the KARMA BURN formulation.

The river Ganga originates from the Gangotri glacier at Gomukh in the Indian Himalayas at 4,100 meters above sea level, and flows 2,525 km across northern India before meeting the Bay of Bengal in the east India and Bangladesh. As a river, the Ganga contributes to more than 25 per cent of India’s total water resources.

Besides being a sacred river, Ganga is also worshiped as a deity in Hinduism and respectfully referred to as ‘Gangaji’ or ‘Ganga Maiya’ (Mother Ganga). Over a billion people worship the Ganges as an incredible spiritual liberator. It is believed that washing in the Ganges clears your past karma and leads to rapid liberation.

Scientifically many studies have been performed on Ganges water and the findings are fascinating e.coli and cholera bacteria die within 3 hours when put into fresh ganges water, 6 hours when put in 3 year old ganes water, 12 hours in 10 years old ganges water but they survived 48 hours in distilled water.

The homeopathic remedy from ganges water has the effect of rapid cleansing of emotions, attitudes and beliefs which no longer serve you. It is a really good remedy for this bottle as we are making you release and unlock a lot of old energetic patterns. With the ganges water these patterns will arise for observation and recognition and then be released effortlessly rather than requiring a lot of processing.

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