“This is quite an impressive alchemical elixir. During the week I took it, I felt a whole bunch identity framesets and general “stuff” just fall away.” Julian Palmer, organiser: Khanyisa Psychoactive Plant Conference , Sydney, Australia

“Your Karma Burn potion is exquisite!!! Having such radical learnings, realizations and experiences in such a gentle way – and the inspiration that’s been unleashed is phenomenal!!! Thank you!!!” Donna McCallum, author: The Fairy Godmother’s Guide to Getting What You Want, Cape Town, South Africa

“Thanks SO MUCH for the samples! WOW WOW WOW. Potent stuff! I will pass along info to several clients…I’ve been taking it and have been experiencing intense “dreams” (you know, the dreams that aren’t dreams) about specific past lives, and resulting present day patterns that hold me back. ” Melissa Gayle West, supporting women in transition: www.melissagaylewest.com, Seattle WA, USA

“…I will say with confidence, that during the nine day period when i took Karma Burn, I experienced a very significant psychic pattern from the past arise, became acutely aware of the ever-so-deceitful ‘tapes’, and with said awareness, this pattern that for so long caused considerable difficulty and drama… effortlessly dissolved.” Maya Yonika, author: No Mud, No Lotus ~ Ubud, Bali

“i love you! u r a saint! i wanna talk to you soon… the Karma Burn has brought so much goodness!” Anthony Buckland, London, United Kingdom

“Have tried the Karma Burn and I enjoyed the wild dreams and shifted awareness Even if it is placebo, it worked for me. Great work … ” Dan Schreiber, founder: Starseed Gardens Byron Bay, Australia

“Unveils the pattern. I say unveils because it is like a veil is translucent. This seems to be the unconscious or subconscious displaying itself. A sense of release!! A big release of fear, and old patterns of behaviour are so obviously exposed but in a soft gentle, non judgemental way. Like aaaah…its time – now I can let go” Lisa McCauley, Franschhoek, South Africa

“Thank you so much for the vial of Karma Burn! I definitely felt the effects of it. The first day was pretty intense – sort of feeling that heightened sense of awareness. Like in moments of spiritual clarity…I certainly had a transformational 12 days. I just had a lot come up – old patterns and new possibilities, and a greater sense of being able to meet that with awareness and presence…I had been feel rather stuck in this cycle, and I feel I have moved through it with Karmaburn. So thanks!” Effie Dobertin, Marin County, USA

“I just wanted to say thank you for the karma burn- it is very powerful. It was exactly what i needed at that point. I was a bit nervous at first to try it but it held me while opening and transforming some difficult things. Thank you again for everything.”, Nicola Roffe, London, UK

“Generally I am now a lot more balanced. It was scary at times, but well worth it. I am looking forward now to finishing the course.”, Kat Hume, London, UK

“A bit skeptical of this stuff but near the end of the bottle had one of the most profound insights of my life, uncovering the source of most of the unhappiness in my life. Still plenty of work to do but now with a map and a compass the path seems much clearer. Does what it says on the bottle.”
Rhys Jaconley, Melbourne, Australia

“My experience so far has been that the Karma Burn product opens up the subconscious mind and deep seated themes are pushed out into the open to be dealt with. Its a grinding down, its a washing out, its an ego death of sorts, its the descent into the realm of the past – that being past emotions and patterns stored in condensed and coagulated energetic matrixes inside of us ( karma stored as emotion and chemistry). Its not for the faint of heart. Its for those who are serious about the journey of enlightenment. Its a journey to the underworld to meet the shadows, the demons, the hurts, the fears. Its a deep dive. I would say its for those covered up with spiritual egos that veil their fragility, or for those who think too much; for those who really want to see what might be unfinished business for them lurking around in the body, for those who really want change, and possibly complimentary for those working through diseases that would be prepared to look at the unconscious psychosocial root of that disease such as resentment, anger, etc. Its a powerful medicine and i would recommend that it goes out with a support group, tools, the book or some or other guide for getting through the material that arises. I would suggest support groups or at least people to contact if need be.” Amanda Gifford, www.amandagifford.co.za, Johannesburg, South Africa

“Let me start by saying I was petrified of taking this remedy. Had this overwhelming feeling like I was about to get what I deserve. Like all the karma I’d been trying to outrun would suddenly catch up with me and shit would go down… HAD to take it after realizing how strongly I felt.” Kama Murry, London, United Kingdom

“So, these last couple of days have just sublimely slipped by. I have spent a lot of time just by myself, reading, and nurturing myself. the rainy weather has been creating this womb of comfort. I feel deep things have been set free….” Nadja Clifford, Magaliesburg, South Africa

“This has been quite a process for me and I have experienced many powerful and profound breakthroughs. The homeopathic remedy in assisting in revealing and releasing defences and old patterns and feelings has been phenomenal and in the future I would like to put others onto this. Thank you for this Adamas and the courageous journey you take on for the benefit of us all. Amanda Gifford (Karma Burn practitioner) thank you for your gentle presence and supportive and loving insights, for pushing me and acknowledging me, for your openness and honesty which paved the way for us ” Catherine Geils, Clinical Psychologist, KZN. March 2014

“Thank you Medicine Buddhas and your wonderful work with homeopathy, and with this particular product (Karma Burn). You have literally changed my world since a couple of weeks ago, and I know its all good! My relationship has moved to a much needed level exploring deeper love and more intimacy (after nearly 10 years together and almost breaking up last year); I have released myself from the pressure and trauma of trying for a baby (and therefore also releasing my husband); the karma burn literally ‘burned’ away the anger that had been raging through me for the past couple of months without me knowingly working on its release – I just woke up relieved from it one day and joyful; and…it looks like I’m about to dye my hair HOT PINK!! Thanks Adamas and the Medicine Buddhas team. My future looks exciting and I feel like anything is possible!” Nadine Myers, New South Wales, Australia

“The medicine just reminds us what we have forgotten, the power is within us and our intention. The external doesn’t create the internal, the external is an expression of the internal. Respect Gaia and live from the Core.”, Mika Alma, Johannesburg

“Karma Burn is a remedy created with conscious thought and a care to provide a threshold into ones psyche. The plants, its ingredients used are combined mindfully to reveal and support a process, which I truly experienced. One that was confrontational in rapport to my current life questionings, the ability to observe with a greater sense of consciousness was revealed. While accepting the consequences of my life’s grey areas, dealing with them in a productive manner and witnessing a shift into a positive perspective as a result. During the last few days I felt healthy and energized, as coming out of a negative cloud of concern / overthinking and settling into that humble space within was relevant. The overall result of the Karma Burn process has helped me acknowledge a transitional period in my life, one that is necessary and cannot be assisted with worry. There is an opportunity that awaits me and requires my dedication; therefore this has been a reflective process that arrived at the perfect moment. 19/ 29th of March 2014, Kamadevi Carla Zurcher, www.yoginikamadevi.com

“Taking Karma Burn allowed me to delve into more subtle levels of my self – I had a sense of it working on even deeper levels that I was not necessarily aware of, but on a conscious level, I felt more aware of my own patterns that existed that were not serving me. I felt I had taken a step outside of myself and was able to gain a new perspective whereby I could witness the role in my own drama, including relationships with others and family dramas. Things became more clear… Interestingly I experienced a few chaotic emotional days followed by several days of clarity, gratitude and love. I recommend this for anyone who wants to go deep within…” Cindy Smith, Seoul, South Korea

“First of all thank you. Amazing concoction! The first 6 days were mellow. Every now and again random emotions out of nowhere rise and leave. Day 7-9 very emotional! Possibly mixed with being extremely busy in every day life. I had full trust though and always felt guided and comforted. Now I just feel like a deep heavy weight was lifted. That’s only way I can explain at this stage. No words to really describe it. Creativity seems to be flowing and I got barreled for first time in my life.” Saskia Koerner, Saskia Koerner Photography, New York, USA

“I was amazed as to the depth of the experience I had when taking Karma Burn. It was something that I was not entirely prepared for and that affected me on many levels from the physical to deep subconscious places. My dreams became a new reality and bridge to realizations that have continued to unfold until the present. I experienced synchronicity to a level that was astounding, reconnecting during the time I was taking Karma Burn with someone that I had not been in touch with for close to twenty years. I had thought previously when reflecting on my relationship with that person that there had definitely been ‘Karmic stuff’ between us. The reconnection brought things about myself and the way in which I relate to the world into focus as I had always found my relationship with that person to be a strange mirror to myself of what I am not. Towards the end of the course a small truth came to me through something I read that has affected me profoundly, and illuminated all that I think with a light of a slightly different colour than before. The following is the final entry from my personal notes when taking Karma Burn: ‘What if I just stopped – stopped doing all the things that hinder me in relating to my world the way I could. All the things that bind me in old habits, realities, interactions, manifestations; these that are not – not what I want my reality to be. What if I just stopped, right now, from this minute? Would I leave this plane of existence, having achieved what I needed to learn? Or would I finally be able to effect positive change in the world that would ripple gently outwards long after I am gone?’ I have never encountered anything external, in this form, that has had such a profound effect on my consciousness, spiritually and transformationally. Thank you! ~ Li Parker, Barely There Gems Wilderness, South Africa

“Only recommended for those who want to clear away some old bad habits. After taking 9 drops per day (misread the instructions) I ended up on the floor for 2 weeks and another month trying to walk. Sciatica. Hit me hard. After a medicine ceremony I went down and though it was hard it was also a very profound time, as I used some Aya medicine twice, to go into the pain, and was shown old beliefs and fears that needed to be released. I knew it was the reason as I had been feeling them surface lately but as usual we don’t listen to ourSelves and our body, so I think your Karma Burn just pushed me to release some old stuff that I want to let go of. Well done JP, if this was what did it you have a powerful medicine here. Next time you’re in the South give me a call. Would like to connect. Blessings Brother.” ~ Martyn Taylor, Cape Town, South Africa

“Karma Burn works! That’s a simple statement but it summarizes it for me. You must however follow the instructions with intent. It was on the last day of my usage that I was able to attend a special process that really did remove a plague of anxiety that had been sitting with me for a long time. I do attribute KB as assisting to facilitate this transformation. Thanks guys, well done and look forward to more burn! ~ Justin Friedman, Biomimicry SA, Cape Town, South Africa

“A wiki a holo, is the Hawai’an shamanic expression for speeding things up… I think that’s how I might describe the action of Karma Burn. I have some experience with homeopathics so know the action is always quite individual, often cryptic and can be doing it’s thing for many months after meeting a particular vibration. Personally it felt like a move to thicker and faster chaos beginning while I was actually taking the drops with an array of odd sensations, dreams, and new questions. A recent 5 day fever felt like the culmination of it’s action perhaps which has lead me to radically review and actually change, my focus and choices” – Candace Beth Michaels, St James, South Africa.

“Initially I felt a buzzing of nervous energy when taking Karma Burn, but soon realised that it was just my own anxiety about not knowing what to expect. I didn’t know if the effect would be as overt as having a whole mountain appearing outside my house overnight or more subtle like a little spider crawling over my face as I sleep… to my relief and delight it was neither… it has been a light experience with subtle changes within my own self – a recognized clear, calmness infusing itself right through my being is one profound difference. I can feel other smaller ripples in the pond happening too… There is a perceivable change in my default reactions to potentially challenging situations. It seems to me that instead of viewing the world from a stance of defense, I have switched to more neutral observation ground, reserving either polarity for a later stage. Another quite noticeable effect of Karma Burn is that in one of my primary relationships we managed to unearth a huge block that was stifling the flow of energy between us. We are still processing this together, but being able to finally see this has been a wonderful relief. Karma Burn is something that I would easily recommend to anyone – like an exquisitely sharp cutting knife in the kitchen – something you think you could live without if you’ve never used one, but once it’s in your life, it becomes an obvious necessity! ;)” Alana Mitchell, Cape Town, South Africa

“When products indications are for the treatment of lack of bliss, spiritual ignorance and non-enlightenment in all its manifestations you would be sceptical on its delivery – unless you are on this path and wanting all of the indications offered by the product – Karma Burn sells an advanced spiritual detox formula.

When presented with the product my thoughts were great packaging and maybe bordering on the little flaky if this is not your “normal” playing fields. Karma Burn is contra – indication in individuals who have no desire to evolve, who are not prepared to deal with themselves or who are emotionally or psychically unstable – says the paperwork of product info.

Karma Burn might not turn you into a spiritual guru but it does offer subtle energy shifts in the days that you are taking it. I was a sceptic and set very clear intentions when taking my 12 cognac flavour drops daily. I did experience lots of moments of clarity and outer changes to my inner world.

I would take Karma Burn again just to see if it was the drops pharmacological classification of the anti – ignorance and anti – bondage preparations or was it just setting clear intentions. The product info sheet that comes with the bottle is genius and so worth re reading.” Monika Elias, Cape Town, South Africa

“I did not notice anything really…” Shima Opening-Lotus, Opening Lotus Tantra School, Johannesburg, South Africa

“Its been a few weeks now since I took kb drops and i thought I must msg you. Who and wtf hell made these things cause since then I haven’t had psychic rest I tell ya its been rough times grateful because sharp learning and pushing me curve. But interested are any buddhist lamas involved in this med or what cause I feel Im at my carrying capacity.” JFS, Johannesburg, South Africa